international food security treaty    International Food Security Treaty

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International Food Security Treaty Principles

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The International Food Security Treaty seeks to promote food security by means of a universal treaty based upon four essential principles. In keeping with obligations inherent in the International Bill of Rights, each nation signatory to the IFST commits itself to:

1) PROVIDE ACCESS TO A MINIMUM STANDARD OF NUTRITION recognized by the United Nations to all people within its borders unable to gain such access on their own;

2) CONTRIBUTE TO A WORLD FOOD RESERVE AND RESOURCE CENTER as it is able, to assist any nation needing emergency help to provide such access;

3) ESTABLISH AND ENFORCE LAW prohibiting activities denying or intending to deny the minimum standard of nutrition to any person within its borders; and

4) SUPPORT UNITED NATIONS FOOD SECURITY ENFORCEMENT actions in nations whose governments are unable to enforce such law on their own, or who are found unwilling to do so through formal United Nations investigations.